- Paid Hosting

Interested in paying for a hosted installation of Trilium Notes? See a screenshot tour of this application here!

If you are interested in trying out the software first, download it here: if you install the application, that is what you would continue using if you pay for this service (except you'd add a sync server). 

Here's some details, specific to this service:

  • $2.50 a month or $26/year (very cheap)
  • 4-times-a-day offsite encrypted backups through 
  • Accessible through a subdomain (
  • Sharing is enabled. This means you can share some notes and they will be public on[url]. This is managed within the application and can allow for things like blog posts, sharing text documents and images, etc. See more at Sharing
  • Automatic update to the latest version (you can request for this to be disabled, in case you want to stay on an old version)

The main benefit of paid hosting (rather than just using the application) is that:

  • You can access from anywhere else besides your desktop
  • An off-site backup integrated within the application
  • Sharing notes allows you to run a basic website with super-simple editing and new posts, or just regular old sharing of your notes with other people. See Sharing for more.

This, of course, comes with all the features that regular Trilium Notes comes with. It's a standard installation of Trilium Notes on the server, and you can request for the version to be changed at any time to match a possible desktop installation you are using.

Order via the link in Pricing. Once you order, follow the Flowchart for instructions for how to use.

Important note: I am not zadam, the main contributor to the GitHub project. I volunteered to run this homepage, but I also provide this hosted service, where you pay for a cloud-hosted installation.

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