Privacy Policy

The data collected includes: 

  • Trilium data logs  (an example is shown at FAQ)
  • The synced data from within Trilium (notes, attributes, revision history etc), More info about encryption and how it changes the data available at the server: Encryption?
  • An email contact associated with each subdomain
  • Docker statistics. Basically just usage statistics of memory, network, storage, etc.
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  • Stripe, my payment processor, also has a privacy policy which applies:
  • Access information from the main site ( in order to better analyze which pages are being read. Not client-side analytics, but a server-side log within Caddy.

The data that I will not collect:

  • Any metadata or analytics data about page views, site usage, IP addresses, request logs (excepting what is collected by the Trilium app), etc, on your subdomain.
    • I do not use Cloudflare or any other CDN, meaning there is no middlemen besides regular internet infrastructure. Just my server and your device, having a heart-to-heart (no eavesdroppers!)
  • Any of your personal information with the purpose to profit or benefit by the selling or leasing or distribution of your personal data to any third party. This is a privacy-friendly service. I will rm -rf / before I sell your data to anyone else. 
Type of data Data I collect
Personal information (emails, usernames, etc)Your email and payment events via Stripe will be stored (contains no sensitive payment info like card number). Other events are not stored.
Public data (intended to be shared)

The subdomain's existence ( will be public, as TLS certificates are public.

Any shared notes will be available publicly on the domain visible in the Trilium UI. 

The Rustpad service I also host keeps all documents for 24 hours until the last activity, after which they will be removed.

General data (payment, third party)This is handled by Stripe and their privacy policy applies:
Confidential data (passwords, credit cards)

The Trilium Notes password is stored within the database, scrypt-encoded. (This is handled by Trilium Notes) 

I do not handle any credit cards or payment in general directly. Stripe's privacy policy applies.

Non-sensitive dataTrilium logs, resource usage statistics